The Company

Extrafeet is an Atlanta Game company focused on building location aware games. Games that allow you to interact with the world around you as well as players that may be nearby. We like to say that we’re making fun of location, but it’s more than that. We’re working on making the whole world into a game.

The Team

Extrafeet is made up of former employees from Fox Interactive Media Labs, Screentime Media and MySpace. FIMLabs helped generate more than $50 million in Fox Interactive Media/MySpace revenue over 18 months through an advertiser Widget/App/Game platform and analytics system that our team designed, architected and built called SpringWidgets. During the same time we produced over 200 Advertiser campaigns built on the platform and were the largest generator of patent filings at FIM. Screentime Media has built screen-saver products used by nearly every media company in the world, including Disney, Paramount and Fox as well as thousands of small to large sized companies.

Custom Work

Extrafeet is available to help design or build your custom game or app. Our mobile history includes creating the mobile versions of MySpace for iPhone, Blackberry, and MySpace for Android; creating Powerburst, a mobile alerting product and producing Tweetery, a Twitter client for the iPhone. Contact us any time for a quote. Further examples of our work can be found at our other website,

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